Voyage d'études au Danemark (06.05.2017-09.05.2017)

Les membres de l'EFFEP ont visité deux écoles au Danemark

Visite de l'école VUC SYD à Haderslev / Département "Lighthouse"

Visite de l'école VUC SYD à Haderslev / Département "FlowFactory"

Visite du lycée Orestad à Copenhague

Visites culturelles

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Etant donné que l'école VUC SYD n'est pas en mesure de nous fournir les présentations Keynote qui ont été utilisées pendant notre visite, nous vous recommandons vivement la lecture de l'iBook ci-dessous qui reprend toutes les informations essentielles et bien plus encore.






Enseignement et pédagogie, Manuels scolaires

2 juil. 2015


VUC Syd - an adult educational centre - in the southern part of Denmark is one of the schools that draws a lot of attention. There are many reasons for this, but one very important reason is that this is a school that has challenged the traditional idea of what school is. This is seen in the way that technology is being used in a massive 1:1 iPad programme, the way iBooks textbooks are being produced and used by the teachers, and it is particularly visible in the learning zones that have done away with the traditional classrooms. This book focuses on: visionary leadership, shared leadership, ongoing and timely professional development, innovative learning and teaching and it illustrates the compelling evidence of success that this school can now pride themselves with.



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